Pillar, a MVVM framework for Xamarin Forms

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I’m proud to annonce the release of Pillar, a lightweight MVVM framework for Xamarin.Forms 1.x and 2.x. With this framework, you won’t have to deal with page navigation or messed up code-behind anymore. Now, it’s all about view models, and navigation between view models. It rely on Autofac for dependency injection and MvvmLight for basic MVVM features and helper classes.

Features included in Pillar:

  • ViewModel navigation, you won’t need to manipulate pages in your view models
  • Design your apps with unit testing in mind with dependency injection
  • Flexible, you can use differents patterns: ViewModel first, Messaging, ViewModelLocator
  • EventToCommand behavior and useful converters included
  • Useful views: ItemsView repeater, with optional DataTemplate selector by item type
  • Not intrusive, you can reuse your view models in other projects (WPF for example) with very few modifications

Getting started

You can install Pillar with the Nuget package manager:

Install-Package Askaiser.Mobile.Pillar

You will find the documentation and samples on the GitHub repository.

Quick example

Setup and configuration:

Your first ViewModel:

2 thoughts on “Pillar, a MVVM framework for Xamarin Forms”

  1. Hi,

    I’m wondering if you have a sample of Pillar for Xamarin Forms using a MasterDetail page as a Menu for multiple pages each with their own ViewModels.
    I’m wondering how to hook the master page to a viewModel so when an item in the Menu is selected, the navigation takes the user to a viewmodel that replaces the current detail view.



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