10 thoughts on “Centered login form with Ionic Framework”

    1. Hello Mahesh,

      Can you find a way to show me your code (pastebin, gist) ? Did you enable the SASS support ?

      I created a blank app and copied the html and css, and it looks good for me in phone or tablet emulation.
      As the “img/logo.png” image was missing, I used the included “img/ionic.png” image instead, and reduce the size in the scss to 50% instead of 80%.

      1. Hi guys, I am really sorry to answer you this late, I have to deal with personal stuff these last days (including new job, new home, …). I have searched everywhere on my computers and I cannot find the original image.
        I just remember that it was just some random wallpaper on Google, photoshoped with a Gaussian blur.

  1. code is working fine but on focusing keyboard hiding the input field that time con’t able to scrolling getting problem please help me

  2. i am having a trouble in establishing connection between nodejs RESTAPI with ionics so can you help me in solving it

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